Facial Tanning Lamps are Perfect for Gamers

Facial tanning lamp

Video games and online gaming can become obsessive. You can understand as there are so many incredible games coming out for those with a gaming passion.

It’s tempting to risk your health and be online far longer than you know is good for you.

To solve this problem, facial tanning lamps promise to diminish these problems for online gamers so that they can just get on with their pastime. The reason these lamps are so cool for gamers is that they can continue their passion while sitting in front of a facial tanning lamp.

Gamers can be totally up to date with all the latest tech news with NFP. They love knowing that they can indulge in online gaming as a pastime and still build up a tan without anyone scrutinizing their movements.

No outdoor, no vitamin D?

Being preoccupied with gaming can keep you away from being outside in the fresh air and sunlight. The skin isn’t able to absorb vitamin D, a critical nutrient known as the sunshine vitamin.

Skin tans give one an attractive, healthy look and this in itself boosts self-confidence and lifts the mood. Yes, these facial tanning lamps are easily available at tanning salons, but this may not suit the personal schedule of the gamer who wants to continue gaming, listening to music, or even watching TV.

Personal facial tanning lamps offer greater flexibility and freedom but at home, you can still achieve salon-quality results.

How to use the facial tanning lamps

The gamer is familiar with the glare of fluorescent bulbs or their bright mobile device screen lighting. It goes without saying that spending time indoors day after day can bring on depression and increase your risk for eye strain and migraines.

Therefor it could make sense to use the artificial sunlight to get some of the positive effects of sunlight.

It will take several sessions in front of a facial tanning lamp to produce a darker skin tone. Emitting a lower percentage of UVB rays, there is less chance of damaging the skin. We talked to an expert on this field, Marina Gottlieb who runs the website gesichtsbraeuner24.com about facial tanning lamps.

Which UV rays should the facial tanning lamp have?

Maria: “Die UV-Strahlen können in UV-A und UV-B eingeteilt werden. Für eine ideale Bräunung sollte der Gesichtsbräuner über beide Arten der UV-Strahlung verfügen. Je höher der Anteil an UVB-Strahlen, desto stärker bräunt das Gerät das Gesicht.”

“UV rays can be grouped in UVA and UVB rays. For a nice tan the facial tanning lamp should have both types of UV rays. The higher the percentage of UVB rays the higher is the tanning effect on the skin.”


The bonus part is that they are helpful for those seasonal affective disorders familiar to gamers as the rays can trigger serotonin levels, improving mood. As suggested, the lamps are also useful for stimulating the body to make vitamin D.

To solve the problem, gamers can still let the ‘sunshine’ into their lives with these awesome tanning lamps. But which tanning lamp, as there are many? It’s impossible to answer this question unequivocally because the right facial tanning lamp is influenced by many factors –

  • The duration of the tanning session – on average it takes no longer than 15 – 30 minutes.
  • The preparation of the face and neck – wiping them down with mild lotion – plays an important role in the success of your tanning session.
  • The position of the lamp is important. What size lamp should you get? Will the light spread to the neckline and face? Do all tanning lamps come with timers?

Basking under the UV rays from these facial tanning lamps, it is possible to achieve sufficient levels of vitamin D production. You can choose the tan you want – just a trace of a tan or something more bronzed. With their automatic timer, you dial in the exposure you want to suit your own skin type.

Some of the top brands of facial tanning lamps are –

  • Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp
  • KobbTan
  • Salon Style
  • Sweet-Dream
  • Beautylife
  • KPD Sperti

… and others, some of which come complete with goggles.

Maintain a natural glow throughout the year

Of course, there will be some drawbacks to using these facial tanning lamps but with so many more advantages than cons, they’re the hottest item for gamers.

Owning one of these lamps comes with health benefits. They are great for disorders such as depression and some skin problems. The lamps give off sufficient rays to stimulate the production of serotonin, giving the gamer a happy-go-lucky mood.

With loads of entertainment from the palm of their hands, gamers can still have a tan that will be the talk of the town and facial tanning lamps just add that little something extra to their gaming sessions.