“Social media” is distinct from traditional media

Über-blogger Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion web feed is usually one of the first I read.

Today, Steve calls time on “a bunch of terms” he signals are now completely unnecessary. These include “social media,” “user generated content” and “consumer generated media.”

Now, clumsy they may be, but unnecessary? I don’t think so. But Steve continues…

Do any of these matter any more? I dislike all of these words and have stopped using them. Eric Hansen proposes we go with new media but that doesn’t quite work either. The reason is it’s ALL media.

The lexicon will hopefully change… We are all media, period.

Judging by the reaction of those commenting on Steve’s assertion, many also disagree (in fact, the majority… at least when I last checked in at 3:55pm). We do still need to differentiate between the “old” broadcast way of doing things and the “new”, more conversational.

The Mexico Tourism Board certainly didn’t get it (and probably still don’t). If anyone has the time or inclination, just check out my previous blogging cause, which I now frequently use as a case study.